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Music I Like - Karthik
MUSIC I LIKE - This album is a collection of some of the most popular kritis (traditional Carnatic classical compositions) sung by one of the leading
Carnatic Classical Fusion (Nagumomu Ganaleni) - Aathirai Sivapalan
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Nagumomu Ganaleni - Carnatic Flute - Heramba Hemantha
Heramba Hemantha rendering Nagumomu Ganaleni, a famous composition of Saint This is a track of their maiden audio CD recently Heramba
Nagumomu Ganaleni - by Hamsadhwani Fusion Band
Email: Song: Nagumomu Ganaleni Raga: Abheri Thala:
Nagumomu ganaleni - Carnatic on Keyboard (Fusion) by Sivarama Kodukula
A Tyagaraja's composition, Nagumomu ganaleni- Abheri - Adi performed by Sivarama
This beautiful and emotional song on Lord Rama is the work of the great Saint It has been rendered in a heartfelt manner by playback singer
Nagumomu Ganaleni - Abheri - Instrumental - Live Performance - Carnatic Whistling - Charun
This is Charunayanth's performance of Nagumomu composed by Thyagaraja in ragam Aberi set to Adi thalam (2 kalla This is part of Baitak 2010
Bhanumathi::Nagumomu Ganaleni
Well versed in Hindustani and Carnatic music, Bhanumathi Ramakrishna was not only a wonderful singer, but a multi-talented A leading actress, a
Dr K J Yesudas -- Nagumo
nagumOmu ganalEni raagam: aabhEri 22 karaharapriya janya Aa: S G2 M1 P N2 S Av: S N2 D2 P M1 G2 R2 S taaLam: aadi composer: Tyaagaraaja Language:
Nagumomu - Melodious Moods Of P.Unnikrishnan - Vol-2
Album: Melodious Moods Of - Vol-2 Song Title: Nagumomu Sung By : Lyric & Composer: Thyagaraja Raaga: Madya Mavathi Thala: Adi
Aasai Mugam Marandhu Poche - Subramaniya Bharathiyar (Contemporary Carnatic/Indian fusion music)
Contemporary Carnatic adaptation of Subramaniya Bharathi's Asai Mugam Marandhu Poche in Raga Jonpuri - Contemporary Carnatic/Indian fusion music Performed
Nagumomu Galavani - Tyagaraju Keerthana
Nagumomu galavani na manoharuni Nagumomu galavani na manoharuni Jagamelu shuruni janaki varuni Nagumomu galavani na manoharuni Jagamelu shuruni janaki
Karthick Iyer - At The theatres - Contemporary Indian Pop/Carnatic/Fusion music
At the Theatres by Karthick Iyer Live - Bilingual in Tamil and English Click here to download/buy this track on iTunes -
Nagumomu Ganaleni
Krithi: Nagumomu Ganaleni; Raagam: Abheri; Thalam: Aadi; Composer: Thyagaraja; Violin: Kamalakiran Vinjamuri, Mridangam: , Venue: Thyagaraya Gana Sabha,
Nagumomu Ganaleni - by Trivenisangama (Don't miss the Climax)
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Nagumomu Ganaleni Veena by Mahalakshmi (Mala)
Nagumomu Ganaleni in Veena Veena rendition by: Mahalakshmi Mridangam by: Phani Bhushan This was rendered on Feb 1, 2014 at Aparna Sarovar Club
NagumOmu ganalEni aabhEri
Vignesh Gouthaman rendering the Thyagaraja kriti, NagumOmu in the raga aabhEri at the Purdue Thyagaraja Aaradhana
05 Nagumomu Ganaleni Naa Jali
Meenakshi's Gurudakshina
Carnatic music fusion(on Indian Violin) Manavyalakim - A Contemporary version by Karthick Iyer Live
Go to this page and click the download tab to download this song for free! :) I have played different
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