Holding You By Gretchen Wilson Mp3 Download / 2014-09-23

Gretchen Wilson - Holding You
Holdin' You lyrics
Lyrics to the song "Holdin' You" by Gretchen Old song, but great quality sound! Enjoy! Click "like" if you like it! :)
Holding You (Gretchen Wilson)
this is a request from loooong ago for my terrific friend ADAM TUIFAGU!! :) I hope I did this song some justice :) such a pretty song! Enjoy!
Holding you-Gretchen Wilson cover
KJ KARAOKE- 'Holding You' (Gretchen Wilson)
This is me totally wasted one night doing some karaoke, and obviously reallly enjoying it!! Song is 'Holding You' by Gretchen
Holding You (Gretchen Wilson)
I just learned this song this I haven't had my coffee yet!!!! It is a beautiful song, I had to try it!
Holdin' You Instrumental
The instrumental verson of Holdin' You by Gretchen
Holding You (cover of Gretchen Wilson)
Denim & Lace
Holding You- Gretchen Wilson Cover Daisha Worthan
I truly love this song! It is off Gretchen Wilson's First Cd! Name of the Song is Holdin' you! Check it out and tell me what you think!!!! Rate, Subscribe,
Gretchen Wilson cover - Holding You
Terri Wiggins on 10-4-08
Holding You (Gretchen Wilson cover)
This is my acoustic version of Gretchen Wilson's "Holding Thanks for listening!
Holding You (Gretchen Wilson Cover)
Hey Whats Back This Is Me Singing Holding You, By Gretchen :)) Comment? Rate? Subscribe?
Preston singing "Holding You" by Gretchen Wilson
My sister Brittany Howard singing Holding You by Gretchen
Whitnye-Holding You by Gretchen Wilson
This song really hits some because we all need someone there to pick us up when we are down or to just make us feel better when we think the whole world is
I like this song hope yall' like it :)
Holding You by Gretchen Wilson cover!
My voice was a tad bit crackly but it was over all the best (I thought) that I've sung so far(: Hope you guys like it!!:D comment like subscribe and share
Holding You- Gretchen Wilson Cover
I sang a part of Gretchen Wilsons song, I hope you like it, comment below! :)
Holding you-Gretchen Wilson (cover)
I really like this song so I figured I would give it a me know what you think:) Btw, I didnt get to quite finish the song lol theres a couple
Holding You- Gretchen Wilson Cover
Hope Stamps & Jake Wilkinson Swampers Florence, AL
gretchen wilson.."holding you" i do not own this
special request for a good friend of Tiffanee this ones for you babe! i do not own
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