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anthony chang ft tank - dui shou
a nice you all enjoy!!
安 东 尼- 郑 伟 康 Anthony Chang
Anthony Chang singing 安东尼=)
Penang "Thank" sing with Anthony Chang at
倔 强 爱 着 你 - 郑 伟 康 Anthony Chang
Anthong chang singing 倔强爱着你in my school and also his ex-school =)
倪安東 Anthony Neely - 散場的擁抱 The Last Embrace MV [English subs + Pinyin + Chinese]
As I mentioned before, I will not be uploading anymore MVs from HIMservice, but I will provide download links for the subbed music Both are mp4
Joe Mr.Drum และ Anthony Parker Drum Show @ Chang Fest 2013
Joe และ Anthony Parker Drum Show @ Chang Fest
倪安東 Anthony Neely - San Chang De Yong Bao
29 Jan 2011 - 倪安東Anthony Neely Lesson One Autograph Session at Bugis Junction
austy and JJ
one for the
CTI worship night: hosanna + ready now
for the folks at cheers,
Anthony Solo กลองชุดเล็กๆ ชุดแรกของ CMC @ Chang Fest
Anthony Solo กลองชุดเล็กๆ ชุดแรกของ CMC @ Chang
A cause fifine xilophone Chang pingko Anthony
Petite impro de a cause fifine après quelque verre de
CTI audition summer 2011...basic fingerpicking
for the great folks at CTI :]
Anthony Neely san chang de yong bao
Mortal Kombat Guitar Style
screwed up a little at the
You Only Live Once v2
I played first (Epiphone Les Paul) and second (Aria Stg-004) guitar separately and pasted them together, sorry for the amateur editing I had to use Windows
Nothing Else Matters
me playing nothing else matters like a year ago, you might want to turn down the bass if you have a sub woofer, and sorry about my sister typing on her
The End Has No End
It's my birthday! and so i decided to learn "the end has no end" and record what i just have learned So i make some pretty bad mistakes but w/e ill record
Doi Chang Nho Mo. post by Anthony Kinh
Vietnamese folk singer: Quynh
Hanju - Tony Kakkar ft. Neha Kakkar, Meiyang Chang
Singers - Neha Kakkar, Meiyang Chang Music & Lyrics by Tony Kakkar Arranged & Programmed by Tony Kakkar Music Label - Times Music Artist Links Neha Kakkar
细水长流 Xi Shui Chang Liu (小庄@心情客栈•音乐推荐) -梁文福词曲•杨慧诗演唱 -
细水长流•(小庄@心情客栈•音乐推荐) -梁文福词曲•杨慧诗演唱-(2013版Xi Shui Chang Liu) - (电影That Girl In Pinafore Soundtrack )
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